What's Flatpak?

Endless OS comes with more than 100 apps installed on the system, covering a variety of subjects, and most of them do not require an internet connection. However, we recognize that there are other apps that our users wish to install that we do not currently provide ourselves.

In order to increase the capacity of programs that can be installed in our system, from version 3.0 on, Endless OS uses Flatpak, a new app distribution system for Linux. With Flatpak, Endless will be able to increase the availability of accessible content offline and make more apps developed for other Linux distributions work on Endless OS.

Endless OS comes pre-configured to install additional apps provided by Endless, and provided by the GNOME project. It's possible to install Flatpak apps from other sources, too. The Flatpak website has links to install some more applications. For advanced users, there are also instructions for how to add more app sources, and how to install Flatpak apps directly from the command line.

Flatpak is a new technology, with more apps becoming available all the time. If your favorite app is not yet available as a Flatpak, ask its developers to consider it, so it can be easily installed on Endless OS and other Linux distributions.


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