How do I create an Endless OS USB stick on Windows?

The following process can be used to create an Endless OS USB stick on Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Note: For proper operation of Live USB on your computer, make sure your processor is 64bit.  

1- Go to the Endless website at and click on Free Download

2- In the "via Windows" tab, click "Download Now" to download the "endless-installer.exe" program.


 3- If you have not selected a specific location, the endless-installer program can be automatically saved in the Downloads folder. Create a new folder and move the file there.


4- Connect the USB stick to the computer, preferably on a USB 3.0 port. For the basic version of Endless OS you need a 8GB (or larger) USB stick; for the full version, you need a 32GB (or larger) USB stick. Then, run the endless-installer.exe program.

On the first window of the Endless installer, select the blue "click here" link under "For advanced options using an Endless USB Stick".


5- In the next window, select "Create Endless USB Stick"


6-  In the next window, choose the version of Endless OS that you want to download and install. Remember, for the basic version of Endless OS you need a 8GB (or larger) USB stick; for the full version, you need a 32GB (or larger) USB stick.


 Note: If the "Download EOS Basic" and "Download EOS Full" options are gray, you may have internet connection problems.

7- In the "Select USB Drive" window, look for the "USB Drive Found" option matching your 8GB or 32GB USB stick. To proceed, click on the box ❏ from the following message: "I understand that this will erase all my files on the USB device", then click "Next".


In the above example, we are using a 32GB USB stick for the full version of Endless OS

8- The download process will start. Do not disconnect the computer from the internet and do not remove the USB stick from the computer until the process is complete.

Note: The duration of this process varies depending on your Internet connection speed and the physical configuration of your computer. Then the process for checking the downloaded Endless OS will begin. Following, the system will automatically start the burning process on the USB stick.





9- Ready! The process of creating the Endless OS installation USB stick via Windows has been completed.
Click "Close" and safely remove the USB stick from your computer.


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