How do I make a debug log for the Endless Installer for Windows?

If you are having trouble with our Endless Installer for Windows, you can capture a debug log file to share with others so they can help you try and find the problem. In the same folder as the Installer, you should find a log file called something like EndlessInstallerYYYYMMDD_HH_MM_SS.log (YYYYMMDD will be the log date and HH_MM_SS will be the log start time). To find the correct folder:

  • If you downloaded endless-installer.exe from our website, change to the folder where you saved the Installer (eg. "Downloads").
  • If you are running the Endless Installer from a USB stick, open the USB stick in the Windows file explorer.
  • Sometimes, the Endless Installer is not able to save the log file to the USB stick. In that case, click the location bar in the Windows file explorer, enter %TMP% and press Enter.

If you've run the Installer more than once, you will find more than one log file. Please share them all.

Share the log file on our Community with an explanation of the problem you are having, and somebody can help you understand what is happening.


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