The installer cannot connect to the server, even though I am online.

In some situations, the Endless Installer for Windows is unable to contact the Endless server, even when the computer is online. There are several known causes:

You are running Windows XP. The installer requires Windows 7 or newer. To reformat an older computer running Windows XP or Vista with Endless OS, create an Endless USB stick on another computer, then boot the older computer from the USB stick.

You are logged into Windows as a Standard user. If, when you start the installer, you are asked to enter an administrator username and password, then the installer will not be able to connect to our server. Please log out, and log into Windows as an administrator.


Something is wrong with BITS. From the Start menu, open the Services application, find the Background Intelligent Transfer Service, and try to Start it. If you see an error, check that the dependencies of the service – which may include COM+ Event System and Remote Procedure Call (RPC), though this may be different on different versions of Windows – are not disabled.



The Windows Firewall service is disabled. From the Start menu, open the Services application, find the Windows Firewall service, and make sure its Status is Running and its Startup Type is Automatic. If not, try to Start it.



If you have checked all of these causes without success, please contact Endless.

Advanced users can check the log file written by the installer for error messages from DownloadManager:

  • Error creating instance of BackgroundCopyManager with an error code such as 0x8007042c or 0x80070424 generally indicates problem 3.
  • Error adding file to download job with error code 0x800704dd indicates problem 2.


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