Do I need to have internet for…

The Internet is not required to run Endless. Most of the apps that come pre-installed, you can use without going online.

Here are some things that you don't need the internet for:

  • Reading: we have lots of apps like Encyclopedia or Cooking that provide things for you to read or look up. These come preloaded with reading material so that you don't need to access the internet.
  • News (Spanish and Portuguese only): we have apps that come pre-loaded with news articles from well-known newspapers. You need an internet connection from time to time, to get fresh news, but once you have downloaded it you can read it offline.
  • Games: You don’t need the internet to play the games that come with your computer, but if you want to play games online you’ll need an internet connection.

Here are some apps that do require an internet connection:

  • Browser (Chromium, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Content center
  • Weather
  • Website links on the desktop


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