How do I make a debug log of Endless OS?

Follow the steps as below to make a debug log of Endless OS, after reproducing the issue that you would like to report:

  • Turn on your computer and on the desktop.
  • Press the keys "ALT + F2".


Note: some computers with "Fn" key, will require that you press it as well, "Fn+Alt+Fn"

  • In this window that will appear in the center of the screen write "eos-diagnostics" and press the enter key.


  • The log file in the format (.txt) will be saved to your Home folder.

Note: You can access it when you click on the "Documents" icon on your desktop.

  • The log file name starts with "eos-diagnostic".


In some cases, we need more information than is included in this log, If that is so, follow these instructions:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Run killall gnome-software
  3. Run gnome-software --verbose > gnome-software-verbose.txt – this will launch the app center and gather a lot of debug output to a text file
  4. Reproduce the problem in the app center
  5. Close the app center and return to the Terminal
  6. Press Ctrl-C
  7. Send gnome-software-verbose.txt to us


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