Which languages are supported by Endless OS?

The Endless OS desktop is available in many different languages. You can change the language from the Region & Language section of the Settings panel.

When you change Endless OS’ language from within Settings, it will also activate any language support for 3rd party apps that you have installed, such as the Libre Office suite and the browser. Any apps that don’t support your desired language will appear in English.

In addition to our basic support of many languages, we have full versions of a few languages that have a variety of additional apps and content available. These apps include games, productivity software, reference materials like Cooking, Farming, Health, Travel, and educational materials like the Encyclopedia and Virtual School.

These are our fully supported versions**:

  1. Brazilian Portuguese
  2. English
  3. Indonesian
  4. Spanish
  5. Thai
  6. Vietnamese

The following versions also have some localized content, but have more English content than the fully supported versions listed above:

  1. Arabic
  2. Bengali
  3. Chinese
  4. French

**We will be adding more fully supported languages soon, so please check back soon.


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