Where can I download the Endless OS ISO image files directly?

Before you start downloading an image, please read about the difference between the Basic and Full versions so you can select the best file.

If you use Windows, we recommend you use the Endless Installer for Windows, which can be downloaded from https://endlessos.com/download/.

If you are running Linux or MacOS, you can download an image file directly and use it to create your own Endless USB stick (Linux; MacOS), or test Endless OS in a virtual machine.

Once you have created your Endless USB Stick, regardless of which system you used to create it, it will only run on a system that is compatible with Endless OS. See “Will Endless OS work with my computer?” for more details. We’d love you to share the Endless OS image or USB stick with your friends and family, for more details please see our redistribution policy.

We recommend that you manually verify the image file you have downloaded prior to writing it to your USB stick. Endless OS images are signed using the Endless Image Signing Key (4096R: CB50 0F7B C923 3FAD 32B4 E720 9E0C 1250 587A 279C), so each .iso file has a corresponding .asc file. You can download the keyring and the .asc file and check the signature using the following command in a terminal:

gpg --verify --keyring=./eos-image-keyring.gpg eos-XXX.iso.asc eos-XXX.iso

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