When I plug the computer into my TV, I can't see the user menu. What should I do?

If you turn your computer on but can’t see the black bar at the bottom of the screen, with the Endless logo in the bottom left corner, then Endless is having difficulty recognizing your monitor’s resolution.

Follow these steps to adjust your settings:

1.Right click on the desktop

2.Select Change Background...

3.Click the back button on the top left corner of the dialog box

4.Under Hardware, select the Displays icon

5.Select the display you are using

6.A new window should open. Check the box next to Adjust screen for TV. You should now be able to see the Endless logo on the bottom left side of your screen.

The following resolutions are officially supported by the Endless system:

  • 1920x1080
  • 1366x768
  • 1280x720
  • 1024x768
  • 800x600

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