How can I talk to people using my computer?

When you have internet access, your Endless OS can function as a tool to talk to people in many ways. Just follow a few simple steps:

On your Desktop, click on the Social folder to find some pre-installed apps that let you talk to others. Skype is a great app to use if you’re also interested in video chatting. Keep in mind that you will need speakers or headphones, a microphone, and a video camera in order to use your computer as a phone or for video chatting.

If you are unable to find Skype in the Social folder, search for Skype in the global search bar at the top of your Desktop and click on it to open. If you are unable to locate Skype through the global search,

it is likely due to the fact that the app has not yet been installed on your computer. You will need to download & install the app before using it by going to More Apps and installing from there.

Once installed, you can simply click on the Skype app and talk to your friends & family whenever you please.

Consider Google Chrome, Chromium and Firefox as allies to communicate with your friends as well, since there are several tools that just require any of these browsers to work through. 

In the same way, you can find Slack or Whatsapp.


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