Will Endless OS work with my computer?

Endless OS has been tested on a number of different laptop and desktop computers with great results. If your system meets the key requirements listed below, Endless OS should be expected to run well on your system. However, there are thousands of computers available from dozens of different manufacturers, so we can't test every combination. We appreciate your help flagging new hardware to enable for Endless OS.

You can use the Endless Installer for Windows to install Endless OS as a "dual-boot" option alongside Windows, or to create an Endless USB stick which will allow you to test or install Endless OS on any other computer that meets the requirements below. The Endless USB stick uses the same device drivers as Endless OS itself, so if you are planning to reformat a computer with Endless OS, the bootable USB is a good way to test a computer beforehand. Please note that you will need Windows 7 or newer to download and use the Endless Installer for Windows.

Hardware Requirements for Endless OS

Processor: Endless OS supports PC systems with 64-bit Intel or compatible processors, such as AMD and VIA. Endless OS does not run on PCs with 32-bit processors. (Most computers from before 2007, and even some lower-cost netbooks built after this date have 32-bit processors.)

ARM processors: The version of Endless OS that is available for download does not run on any ARM-based processors which are found on devices such as Raspberry Pi or ODroid single-board computers. At present, the only supported ARM device is the Endless Mini, which comes with Endless OS pre-installed.

Chromebooks: Chromebook hardware is designed to only run Google Chrome OS and is not supported by Endless OS.

Apple: Apple hardware is designed to run macOS, and is not officially supported by Endless OS. Depending on the exact model of Mac, Endless OS might work, but this is not tested. Dual-booting Endless OS and macOS is not supported at all.

Memory (RAM): Endless will run best if you have at least 2GB of memory in your system.

Storage (HDD or SSD): Endless OS requires at least 32GB of disk space for the Full version. If you use the Basic version, 16GB is possible, but more is recommended so that you can download and install new apps and have space to add your own videos, photos, music, and documents.

Graphics Card: Most systems with integrated graphics from Intel or AMD should work well. High-end discrete GPUs (NVIDIA, some ATI cards) and systems with two graphics cards (such as laptops with an integrated GPU and a discrete GPU that you can switch between) are not supported and may not work well or at all.

Disk Management: Endless OS does not support any advanced storage hardware or technology such as RAID controllers, LVM, or encrypted disks.

Peripherals: Most mice and keyboards should work, but laptop touch screens and specialist input devices such as joysticks, tablets etc. may not work correctly.

Wireless Cards: Most wireless cards from Intel will work, as well as certain Atheros and Realtek cards. Broadcom devices supported by the 'brcm80211' or 'b43' driver should work, but devices which require the 'wl' driver are not supported. If your wireless hardware is not supported, we recommend using a USB Wi-Fi adapter, a wired network cable, or tethering to your mobile phone with a USB cable.

There are thousands of computers available from dozens of different manufacturers. Even if your computer meets the requirements above, you may see minor issues with suspend/resume, Bluetooth, sound, webcams, hotkeys (like airplane mode, volume keys, etc.) and touchpad compatibility for some specific models. If you are affected by any hardware compatibility problems, please get in touch with us on our Communityand include a debug log with your message.


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