What is the difference between the Basic and Full versions?

The Basic version of Endless OS is about 2GB in size to download, and you can fit it onto a USB stick as small as 8GB. The Basic version of Endless comes with only a few apps preloaded and is recommended for computers that will have access to the internet. Once you have installed Endless, you can open the App Center where you can browse, download, and install over a hundred free apps. A basic version is a great option if you haven’t tried Endless before are interested in a quick preview. You can create an Endless USB Stick with the Basic version to make sure that Endless will work on your computer before downloading and installing the Full version.

The Full version includes over one hundred apps already installed on the OS. These apps include games, productivity software, reference materials like Cooking, Farming, Health, Travel, and educational materials like a robust Encyclopedia. Because this version of the OS is packed full of content from the start, it’s a much larger download, up to 16GB, and it requires at least 32GB of disk space to try out or install. If you are installing Endless on a computer that has limited or no internet connection or will be installing Endless on other people’s computers, this is the best version to download to get a complete Endless experience.

If you install the Basic version of Endless OS, all of the apps in the Full version – and more! – can be installed from the App Center.

Note: The English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese language versions of Endless OS currently offer the most robust experience. Endless supports many other languages with at least partial translations for the desktop, Chromium web browser, and some 3rd party apps. We will continue to improve our translation support over time and we welcome your help doing so! If you’re interested in translating Endless OS into your own language, let us know: translations@endlessm.com.

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