How do I run Endless OS in a Virtual Machine?

First, you’ll need to download and install a virtual machine manager if you don’t already have one. We suggest using VirtualBox as it is freely available for all major desktop platforms.

  • Download the ISO image for the Endless OS version you want to run.
  • In VirtualBox, click New to create a new virtual machine.
  • Give the virtual machine a name, select Type: Linux, Version: Ubuntu (64-bit), and set memory size to 2048MB. Click Create


  • Set the hard disk size to at least 32 GB. Click Create


  • In the VirtualBox window, click the [Optical Drive] Empty text, and select the Endless OS ISO file you have downloaded.



  • Click Start. Endless OS should start; choose to Reformat. Work through the reformatting process.



  • When it's finished, shut down the VM; "eject" the ISO image from the virtual drive; and turn the VM on again.
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