Can I view my photos?

Yes, it’s easy to view and edit your photos using Endless!

To view your photos, you should first locate them within your “Documents” folder, which is located on your desktop. Your photos may be found in the “Pictures” section of the file viewer, or within one of the other folders there. If you know the name of your photo, you can search for it using the search tool at the top of your Documents folder.

Once you have located your photos on your computer, you can double-click on them to view them in the default Photo Viewer app.

If you want to edit your photos, you can open the Photo Editor app that is also located on your desktop. Click on the app once and then choose a picture you want to edit. You can use one of the photos that come with your computer, or a photo that you have taken and uploaded. The Photo Editor app lets you add filters, crop, and transform your pictures into even more awesome keepsakes!

Since the integration of Fatpak, you can find more apps in Endless, just search for the word "images" in the desktop search bar or in the App Center, and a list should pull up several apps:



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