How do I add new apps to my computer?

There are a lot of apps that are already installed on your computer, or are easy to install if you have an internet connection. To find more apps that you can use, click on the More Apps icon on your desktop. This will open the App Center.

You can browse through the App Center’s categories to find new apps. Once you’ve found an app you’d like, click on it and then click on the green Add to Desktop button. Some apps in the App Center will require an internet connection for you to download and install them, and you’ll find an Install App button next to them instead of the green Add to Desktop button. If you have an internet connection, just click on the Install App button, and your app will download and install so you can add it to your desktop.

Unfortunately, you cannot install Linux apps directly from the internet - you can only add apps that are already in our App Center. We often add new apps, so please check the App Center after system updates to find new apps you can use.

In addition to the apps on your computer, if you have an internet connection, you can use many additional web apps. Explore the Discovery Center through your internet browser for inspiration!


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