[Draft, NS] What are the apps and games on Endless OS?

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Endless OS comes with 100+ apps and games pre-installed or available in App Center! You can also download and install additional apps as you please.

Browse the table below for a diverse selection of some of the apps and games:

App / Game on Endless About the App / Game App / Game that is similar  (if any)
Brasero Burn your own CDs and DVDs  
Cheese Take funny pictures of yourself and your friends  
Internet Browse the Web Internet Explorer
E-mail Your e-mail, address book and calendar in one place Outlook
Gedit A simple text editor for all of your text editing needs Text Editor
Calculator A scientific calculator with many bonus tools  
Settings Easily change your computer's settings  
Spreadsheet A spreadsheet program with many functions Excel
Presentation Create great presentations with this easy-to-use app PowerPoint
Writer Free, similar to & compatible with Microsoft Word Word
Documents Access all of your documents and files  
Music Listen to all your music, and to the radio Media Player
Photos Easily edit, organize, and share photos.  
Simple Scan Make a digital copy of your photos and documents  
Videos Full function video and media player Media Player
Remote Desktop Manage your desktop from afar  
Help Center Learn how to use Endless  
Animals Learn about all of Earth's creatures  
Astronomy Learn about the universe and all it contains  
Biology Learn all about the living world around you  
Celebrities Learn more about your favorite celebrities  
Cooking Delicious recipes and tips for cooking  
Dinosaurs Bringing prehistory back to life for you to discover anew  
Disabilities Learn how to provide the best care  
Encyclopedia The free encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to  
Farming Learn about crops and raising animals  
My Budget Learn how to create your own budget and save  
Geography Learn about all the countries in the world  
Health Keep yourself and loved ones healthy  
Healthy Teeth Learn to take care of your teeth  
History Learn about the world's events and civilizations  
How To How-to do just about anything by yourself  
Maternity Valuable information for new mothers  
Math High school math made simple and accessible  
Myths & Legends Myths and legends from around the world  
Photo Editor Easily edit and share all of your favorite photos  
Physics Learn about the physical world's mysteries  
Coding Fun Learn to create your own video games  
Programming Learn the basics of front-end web development with this app  
Resume Write a great resume and prepare for interviews  
Football Learn about your favorite team and players  
Social Sciences Subjects that explore the individual and society  
Textbooks Math and science textbooks  
Translate Translate text between many languages instantly  
Travel Travel around the world from your living room  
VideoNet Discover and share great videos online  
Sanitation All about clean water and sanitation  
Weather Get daily local forecasts from trusted sources  
World Literature Read all of the world's great literature  
Slingshot A shooting strategy game set in space  
Teeworlds Exciting multi-player shooting game  
Billiards Fun 3D billiards game  
Super Tux Jump your way through different levels to win  
BlockOut 2 3D Tetris-style game  
EduGames Puzzles, memory games, and more for kids  
Minetest Create your dream world MineCraft
Kobo Deluxe Destroy enemy bases in space  
Atomic Tanks Bring friends and families together in the pursuit of world domination  
Audio Editor Audio editor for recording, slicing, and mixing audio  
Battle Tanks A fast-paced battle game to play with friends  
Chromium BSU Command your spaceship and battle with robots  
Tux Racer Race down icy mountains  
Toy Train A fun train game for kids of all ages  
Tux Kart Race alone or against your friends and family  
TORCS Race cool 3D cars in this realistic game  
Tux Football A fun soccer game starring Tux the penguin  
Warmux Make your computer a battle of wit and war  
Warzone 2100 Lead your troops to rebuild the world  
Armagetron Race 3D light motorcycles like in the movie Tron  
Tux Puck Exciting air hockey game for you and your friends  
Tux Math Math games for kids  
Tux Typing Learn to type by playing games  
FreeCiv Guide your own civilization to greatness  
Frozen Bubbles Pop bubbles before they all come crashing down  
GIMP Advanced image editing tool similar to Photoshop Photoshop
Freecell Solitare based single player card game  
Math Plotting Interactive computation and data visualization tool  
Notes Never lose a note again  
Iagno A fun puzzle game that involves lots of thought  
Quadrapassel A tetris-like puzzle game  
Solitaire The classic single player card game  
Tetravex Race the clock in a numerical puzzle game  
Mind Maps Create mind maps with text, images, and drawings  
Inkscape An advanced graphic design tool InDesign
Kalzium A fun interactive periodic table of elements  
Kapman The classic game of ghosts and mazes  
KAtomic A fun way to learn chemistry  
KBlocks Match blocks to destroy them and win  
KBounce The ball-bouncing game sure to hook you  
KBruch Learn about fractions, percentages and more  
KDiamond Create lines of three diamonds  
KGeography Become a geography genius while having fun  
KGoldrunner Look for treasure and hide from enemies  
KHangMan One of the most fun word games on earth  
Kigo The ancient game of skill, updated for modern play  
Killbots Outsmart the killer robots to win  
KJumpingCube Develop a good strategy to conquer all the squares  
Kolor Lines Line up balls of the same color to win  
Battleships Blow your opponents out of the water  
KNetwalk Make the right cable connections and win  
KSame Get rid of all the marbles to win  
KSquares Connect the dots in this challenging strategy game  
Sudoku A challenging numerical puzzle game  
Potato Guy Give your potato a funny face  
Kubrick Like Rubik's Cube - create solid color sides to win  
KWordQuiz Grow your vocabulary and test your learning  
Palapeli A fun jigsaw puzzle game  
Numpty Physics Fun physics puzzle games  
M.A.R.S. A shooting game in space  
MegaGlest A fantasy world with kings, queens and magic  
Open Arena Shoot your way out of trouble in this fun game  
3D CAD Create 3D CAD models  
Video Editor Hundreds of transitions, effects, and filters to edit your videos Movie Maker
Pingus Save your penguin friends from falling into the water  
Etoys Learn with visual programming  
Scratch Learn basic computer programming  
Stellarium Planetarium software that shows what you see when you look at the stars  
Turtle Blocks Visually program with turtle art  
X-Moto A motorcycle racing game  
Tux Paint A fun drawing app for kids  
Wesnoth Fantasy turn-based strategy game  
Dropbox Access your files from any computer  
Skype Free internet calls with cheap rates to phones  
Spotify Listen to music using Spotify  
FrostTorrent Download nearly anything or share your own files  
Virtual School Free educational videos on almost any subject Khan Academy
WhatsApp FREE messaging app  


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