How do I join the Endless Team?

First of all, thank you for your interest in Endless! We are very excited about what we are doing and are glad that you find it interesting as well.

If you want to join as an employee, please check out our jobs board and submit your online application. If you can’t find an open position that fits your talents, we encourage you to get to know our team by joining the Endless community and keep checking back on our jobs board for open positions that match.

If you are interested in volunteering, there are many ways to do it! First, we encourage you to join the Endless Community and tell us about your interests and which skills you’d like to contribute. We’re just starting to build the community, and we love entrepreneurial types that want to help us expand it.

To join the Endless Community, we invite you to join our Slack channel to chat with us:

  1. Sign Up for “Endless-Community” on Slack at:
  2. Join channels that are interesting to you. We suggest joining #newcomers first.
  3. Start chatting! We’re just starting the community, so it’s still small. Many of those on Slack are Endless employees and are excited about talking with you.

You can also visit our community forum to see what others are talking about. 

Thanks again for your interest and we hope to hear more from you soon!


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