What should I do when the Installer fails?

If you encounter any error when running the Installer, please download the latest version from https://endlessm.com/. Place the new Installer .exe file in a new folder and try again.

Note: Please make sure you place the new Installer EXE file in a new folder. If you place the exe file in the same folder as the old file, the new Installer may use the old files and cause an error.

If it still doesn’t work, please send us the debug log file so we can help you troubleshoot. To get a debug log, go to the same folder where you had the Installer EXE file that did not work and you will find a log file called something like EndlessInstallerYYYYMMDD_HH_MM_SS.log.

Note: (YYYYMMDD will be the log date and HH_MM_SS will be the log start time).


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