How much storage space shall I set for Endless OS installation alongside Windows?

Limitation: This FAQ applies to version 3.0 or higher.

When you install Endless OS alongside Windows, you need to select the storage size for Endless OS. That’s the storage space you allocate for Endless OS in your C:\ drive. Once allocated by the installation process, the space cannot be used by Windows apps or for storing files under Windows. You cannot resize this allocated space afterward.

The absolute minimum for the Basic version of Endless is 6GB but this will make it hard for you to download any apps without running out of space. We recommend at least 16GB for the Basic version and 32GB for the Full version, since the pre-installed apps can take up to 20GB of this space. The rest of the space is available for any files or documents you download or create, including pictures, video, music etc. You can allocate a maximum of 256GB if you have this much space free on your C:\ drive.

You may wish to consider the factors below to make the best decision for you:

  • How much free space do you have on your Windows C:\ drive? If you have more space free, you can select a larger size for Endless OS without worrying about free space in either system.
  • Do you plan on downloading or creating many files in Endless OS? If so, the disk space will be more useful to you in Endless, so you should select a larger size.
  • Do you expect to spend more time in Windows and download/create more files there? If so, you may not want to dedicate too much of your C:\ drive to Endless, so you can select a smaller size.
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