How do I create a USB stick to reformat one or more computers with a particular Endless OS image?

These instructions will allow you to create a USB stick which can be used to reformat one or more computers with Endless OS. Compared to a normal Endless OS USB stick, a USB stick created following these instructions requires fewer clicks to reformat a computer with Endless OS, but cannot be used to try Endless OS from the USB stick, or install dual-boot with Windows.

Note: These instructions are aimed at Endless partners. Most users should follow these simpler instructions to create a USB stick that can be used to try Endless OS or install dual-boot, as well as reformat a computer: Windows, macOS, Linux.

On Windows:

You will need Windows 7 or later to follow these instructions.

  1. Download the Endless Installer for Windows
  2. Put all these files in the same directory:
    • Endless Installer (endless-installer.exe)
    • The image and signature (eos*.img.gz and eos*.img.gz.asc)
    • The installer image and signature (eosinstaller*.img.xz and eosinstaller*.img.xz.asc)
  3. Run endless-installer.exe
  4. On the first screen, it says: “For advanced install options using an Endless USB Stick, click here”. Hold down the CONTROL key while clicking that link.
  5. Click the option to “Create Reformatter USB”.
  6. When asked to select the Endless OS version, if you have downloaded all the files correctly it will show you the option to "Use existing image file" (without downloading anything)

On Endless OS:

  1. Determine the device path for the USB stick you wish to overwrite (such as /dev/sdb) and the path to the OS and eosinstaller images
  2. Run sudo eos-write-installer --os-image /path/to/eos*.img.gz --installer /path/to/eosinstaller*.img.xz /dev/sdb
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