How do I delete all users from my computer?

While these steps will cause the first boot experience to run when you switch on the computer, these steps do not fully restore the computer to factory settings. Among other things, any OS updates, apps installed or uninstalled, and system configuration changes will be kept on the system.

Please follow this process in order to reset to factory mode:

  1. Open the App Center, switch to the Updates tab, and ensure you have installed any available OS update
  2. Open a Terminal window, by typing “Terminal” into the search area that is located on the desktop and pressing Enter
  3. Type eos-factory-reset and press Enter
  4. Follow the instructions on screen, and restart the computer when prompted to do so
  5. Depending on how many files you have on your system, it may take a little while to restart the computer
  6. You should then see the “Welcome to Endless” screen
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