My 32GB Endless One cannot be upgraded because the disk is full. What should I do?

After upgrading to recent versions of Endless OS 3, some users may find that their disk is full and they are unable to install any further updates. This problem will be addressed automatically in a future Endless OS update.

If you are already in this situation and cannot upgrade, try following these steps:

Open a Terminal window
Type sudo ostree refs --delete eos:eos2/i386 local:factory and press Enter. Wait for the command to complete.
Type sudo ostree prune --refs-only and press Enter.

The second command may take a long time. When it finishes, you should see output like this:

Total objects: 268875
Deleted 133301 objects, 6.3 GB freed

(The exact numbers will depend on your computer.) You should now be able to upgrade Endless OS.

If the first command shows an error such as "No such metadata object", try running sudo eos-fix-ostree-repo. This command will take a long time. Wait for it to output:

Success! Try to update the OS and Apps now.

Then try following the steps above again.

If, after following these steps, there is still not enough space to install the OS update, try following these instructions.

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