How can I become an Endless OS mirror?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Endless OS mirror!

Endless OS image files can be fetched from rsync:// We make a new Endless OS release around once per month, which typically means 100–125GB of new image files. Our rsync server publishes the last two releases, so at any given time you can expect around 200–250GB of files.

These image files are offered to users in a few ways:

  • via our Installer for Windows, which currently uses BITS to fetch files
  • via the eos-download-image tool included in Endless OS, which currently uses Requests to fetch files
  • via direct links on our website
  • via BitTorrent, with our mirrors listed as web seeds in the .torrent file

We currently use mirrorbits to redirect downloaders to the nearest mirror. In order for us to add your mirror to our mirror redirector, please contact with the following information once you've fetched the current set of image files:

  • a contact name and email address
  • the rsync: and https: URLs for Endless OS files on your mirror
  • the geographic location of your mirror
  • whether you are happy for your mirror to be listed as a web seed in our BitTorrent files (bearing in mind BitTorrent traffic may come from anywhere in the world)

Note that our redistribution policy only permits redistribution of pristine, unmodified copies of Endless OS.

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