Which printers are supported by Endless OS?

There are more than 700 drivers for printers that work on Endless OS. To verify if your printer is compatible, go to this web page. You will find the option to select the Brand and Model. If your printer appears on the list, you will be able to use it with our OS. Read How do I install a printer to this computer?

Please consider that there are several printers not compatible with Endless OS, this is due to the fact that their developers did not create the software for Linux or there is a bug that we require to fix. If you are having difficulties with the installation, follow this steps:

  • Press "Alt+F2", this will open a window
  • Write "eos-diagnostics" and press "Enter"

The command will create a file that will be saved inside the "Home" folder (Documents->Home).

Please share it to hack-support@endlessm.com. The log will help us to have a better understanding of the issue.

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