Purchase and Shipping FAQs

How much is the Hack Key?

  • $39.99 

Where can I purchase the Hack Key?

  • Please click here to acquire your Hack Key. 

What are the payment conditions and processes?

  • The Hack Key can only be purchased through Amazon, please check their purchase policy.

What is your return policy? 

  • The Hack Key is purchased through Amazon, please verify Amazon return policy.

I’m not from the US, where can I buy the Hack Key?

  • Since this computer is purchased via Amazon, please verify with them if they have the option to ship to your country at the moment of purchase.

When will I receive my Hack Key? How do I find out when the Hack Key is being shipped? And how much does shipping cost?

  • At the moment the purchase via Amazon, this information can be acquired from them.
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