What is a pathway?

We would like to introduce the 5 pathways that the Clubhouse features. Each Pathway is represented by one of the characters that will guide you through a special topic they are passionate about.

  • Ada will introduce you to the Clubhouse and will let you try a variety of games.
  • Stelle will show you the way in the Art Pathway where you will learn to edit photos, make 3D models, among other things.
  • Riley will be your companion as you explore the Web Pathway. Riley will give you useful tools to create web pages with different formats.
  • Faber, the character in charge of the Maker Pathway, he will gladly take you as one of his mentees. Here you will learn to make useful crafts.
  • And you can take Operating System Pathway side by side with Saniel, he will teach you coding basics through the Endless OS Terminal.
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